The Project

RePro Food is short for “Recirculating Production and Processing of Vegetables and Fish” (in Swedish “Kretsloppsbaserad produktion och förädling av grönsaker och fisk”, a 20 MSEK development project with eight partners supported by Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA), project reference number 2015-04412. The project ran from 2015-11-02 to 2017-04-30.

The Purpose

The project is an initiative by Findus to create a recirculating food production system starting with five hectares (ha) of greenhouse and a fish farm for 500 tons’ annual productionusing waste heat and carbon dioxide from the Findus food processing plant at Bjuv. The new, integrated food production facility would re-use 15 million kilowatt hours (GWh) of wasteheat and 400 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). This full-scale demonstration facility was envisioned to expand locally to 15 ha of greenhouse and 1500 tons of fish and to pave the way for a nation-wide roll out of 900 ha of greenhouses and 50 thousand tons of fish production capacity.